Today’s To Do List

Subject: Today’s To Do List

Date: Thursday 9/7/06 12:41:00 PM

Edited To Do List

1) Second Bout of Laundry

2) Mail out wedding photo CD to irenefinlay @ UB Bookstore Post Office (begone lines of freshman, begone hordes of students!)

3) Finish Pagan Ministries stuff (finally!)

4) Find Dave’s contact information; get in touch with him/write calendar for this coming year/figure out all event dates and map them in conjunction with UB dates, get into contact with Christie and Candie to figure out when we can meet with CMA/get letter from Anthro. Dept.,

5) Meeting at 11:30AM with Jordan @ Hillel

6) Deposit checks today so I can eat/pay steviemagazine $15.00

7) Change Telephone Number (I’ll update everyone with it as soon as I have it)

8) Do the readings for Class at 3:30PM (Sociolinguistics)

9) Book flight to NYC for Thanksgiving (for those new to my friends list, anyone who doesn’t have a place to go on thanksgiving is always welcome at my parents house…you think I’m kidding…I’m not, my mom gets upset if there’s a crowd of less than 35 people…she prefers her numbers in the 40+ range. You just need to let me know if you want to come and if you’ll need a square of bed/couch or carpet)

10) Arabic Class

And from The Amherst Bee Police Blotter #54

A French Road resident reported a larceny when the

snakes she ordered online never arrived.

Dude, they didn’t get there because they were on the motherfucking plane…boy some people are pushy.

Okay, back to bed for a bit…then awake.