To everyone who celebrated my birthday with me

Subject: To everyone who celebrated my birthday with me

Date: Sunday 9/3/06 3:29:00 AM

To everyone who celebrated my birthday with me at Club Marcella – thank you, what a rocking night at The Club. To Pete my favorite straight ‘but I’m pretending to be gay so I get better tips don’t tell anyone as I take off my shirt and show off my abs’ bartender…I love you man, I’ll see you at my Hookah party in two weeks. To the bouncer who gave drinking bands to my friends (regardless of age) and let everyone in for free…thanks =D it really does pay to be nice to everyone.

Kuper, Eli…you’re my two favorite straight guys (the third being Rob)…Kuper…you left a hand print on my ass (and I love you for it), Eli I think you broke like twenty gay hearts last night when you told them no (especially the two guys who wanted a threesome with you).

Alice, thank you so much for the Cheese Cake…this is better than gold, and Nip Tuck is addicting (and the doctor is SO hot)…I’ve known you for four years, it feels like a lifetime and I love you, Jackie thank you so much for lunch, the awesome card (which I’m having matted ad framed) and the CD mix…I love you so much, Steve H (stevenh) thank you for the E-Balloons, that was sweet 🙂 Candie, thank you for the gift that you got me that I haven’t picked up yet, Christie thank you for the Guinness (the only real beer worth drinking). Everyone who sent me text messages, AIM messages, Facebook messages and who called me…thank you for making me feel special =D.

To my Twin Brother Dave: Thank you for remembering our birthday this year (I don’t really know how you forgot last year…since you were…there at the time, so to speak, we were wombmates) never forget, I was the first one to meet you and while we didn’t ever invent our own twin language, that was because we didn’t have to…we just know what the other is thinking…I love you bro.

Anyone who I left out…I’m sorry, I’m…slightly…uh…inebriated at the moment….Carrie, Stepehen, Carrie (Austria), Liz, Marian, Anne, Dave, Carol (georgia)..I love you guys too…I figure while I’m telling everyone I love ’em, I should tell y’all too…

Anyways, I’m drunk…and about to have some really good dreams, I’ll talk to everyone later 😀