Gaza Stripp/אני לדודי ודודי לי

Subject: Gaza Stripp/אני לדודי ודודי לי

Date: Thursday 8/31/06 2:49:00 AM

Music: The Night Winds Blowing

Tags: writings: poetry

Gaza Stripp

Like no other, I will love you, I will take you, I will hold you. I will feel you, I will touch you, I will redeem you, as we make the way up the steps to my apartment/my bedroom. This Palestinian beauty finding himself a stranger in a strange land. His jeans riding low while his fuck lines ride high; six foot four, jet black hair and olive tanned skin and eye lashes which paint the morning dawn. His two hands feeling every inch of my body as we lean against the door and give my neighbors a show/his hands come in from behind and as his chin comes down over my shoulder his lips trace behind my ear which he bites as he slaps my ass and whispers to me “tonight is going to hurt” and when the door opens he pushes me into the bedroom as he says “tonight I’m going to make you mine/you’re going to take it like a man” with a flicker in his eye.


On the bed he straddles me, my back on the mattress:my eyes looking towards the heavens. Leaning over me, his semi-short hair drapes before his piercing black eyes, lying underneath him I feel his faithful fifth limb begin to rise/he grabs the back of my head, fingers laced through my hair as his tongue invades my mouth and his lips crash against mine as my hips begin to gyrate and our bodies begin to become a wave of human hormones, emotion and sweat/his hand begins to creep ever lower as he squeezes my package and presses up against me, his jeans rubbing up against me, my back arches with pleasure and pain as his hips check me back onto the bed while with one dexterous hand he removes his shirt revealing his glimmering six pack, now dripping with sweat.


As the torah says thou shall not lie with a man like thou lies with a woman and we’re not: as he’s moving through me and the moonlight fills the room with a grey-blue glow I know that he’s treated no woman lover as he’s treating me; loving me like a man loves a man not like a man loves a woman and whatever he does I don’t want it to stop as his lips attach to mine and he sucks the air out of my chest and we begin to breathe through each other and I stare up at his eyes:I feel complete with him inside and around me and we continue this pace until we reach the height of pleasure and as we slow down both worn out from our midnight tryst and shower up we prepare to lie on sheets made of linen as the night-winds blow.


We fall into dreams of angels and desert sands which are as foreign to me as the tundra is to this man of whom I call my own/he encircles me from behind, his body wrapped around mine, his arms over me, wrapping me in tight and his legs holding my feet between him as his chin rests on my shoulder we find peace between ourselves as we go off to sleep as he mutters in his native tongue all the words which I can understand as we enter a world where the two of us exist as one.