Classes Start Today!

Subject: Classes Start Today!

Date: Monday 8/28/06 1:59:00 AM

I only have one class on Mondays though, but it’ll be great to get back into the swing of things (and it was so good to see most of my friends at the BBQ yesterday)…there’s a hot, hot, hot new guy from the Middle East…and I knew as soon as I looked up and saw him, and I walked up to him, introduced myself and *BAM* there was a hot guy with a hot accent…now…we just need a gay one…I know they exist.

Speaking of, let’s just address something for a moment, shall we.

People who tell me to lower my standards really piss me the hell off. Let me be perfectly clear on this, if I say I plan on dating an underwear model with one or two or a few Ph.Ds, an amazing personality and who knows how to fix cars but is actually really down to earth and mellow and just happens to love standard poodles…guess what, I have full faith in myself that I’ll be able to find him, not have to compromise on looks or personality, and date him.

Will I find him immediately? No, probably not…at some point, Yes (that is, unless somewhere on the hunt, something better or novel comes my way)…of course finding a hot, middle eastern, underwear model, with one Ph.D. an amazing personality who knows how to fix cars, likes standard poodles and is somewhere between six foot and six foot nine might seem difficult (I don’t actually know if they have underwear models in the middle east so we can just put that as a potential profession)…and there are SOME things you can compromise on (like okay, so they don’t have to be Middle Eastern…just tan or olive skin), but what I’m getting at is that people who are hot and/or who are celebrities date people all the time (they’re not robots…well, most of them) and they have to date someone: if they have an award winning personality and aren’t a complete fuckwit (see: Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, et. al) why not you? You’re worth it folks! You’re the only you, live it up!

Oh, and in all seriousness here are the schools I’m applying to for Grad School (thus far). I’ve decided to go for my Masters before my Ph.D. (the longer I can drag this out, the better) that said:

1. University at Buffalo (I really do love it here)

2. University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill (I have some ins, some recommendations from people down there who taught at the university and want me to go there and are influential there and I think it might be a really neat change…I don’t know if I’m ready for The South and I don’t know if The South is ready for me but I do think it would be a great way to dispel a lot of the stereotypes that I’ve grown up with as a Northerner and/or Damn Yankee and see some cool stuff).

3. Harvard (Yes, Yes I really *DO* have those kind of balls). Do I think I can get in, you know what…I’ve done a lot of stuff that other people haven’t that’s…well, very different…not that I could afford it if I got in, I just think it’d be REALLY neat to hang the acceptance letter on the wall.

If I get rejected, I may chuckle to myself…and then go get that sucker laminated, matted and framed, as a memento to hang on my wall (I have a weird and twisted sense of humor). I’ll hang it up right next to the Nobel Peace Prize and the Pulitzer I’m expecting later on in life and be like “well well, shows what they knew” – you think I’m kidding…I’m not…I’ve even picked out the frame and matting for when the letter comes.

If I got accepted though, I think I’d laugh…hard…then update LJ…then call Mom…then laugh harder.

Anyways, time to make some Rice Pilaf for lunch tomorrow, then bed =D