About to hit the Hay

Subject: About to hit the Hay

Date: Sunday 8/27/06 4:26:00 AM

I have a BBQ at 3:00PM so I need to hit the hay soon buuuut

Christie (gryvon) can you please make an attempt to stop by sometime this week so I can give you a pile of Computer/Programming/HTML books? I sort of need the shelf space and you could use them (or, actually know what they’re for) better than I. If you don’t want them, let me know and I’ll chuck ’em/donate ’em.

Parox (parox) – Update your Journal man…let us know what’s good in the hood…the guy who checked me in at the airport today looked like your cousin or brother.

Um, I have a bunch of other stuff to say…but right now, my brain is concentrated on three things: Food, Sex, Sleep…so I’m gunna go handle that and I’ll catch up with everyone tomorrow after the BBQ.