This is all I will say on this subject

Subject: This is all I will say on this subject

Date: Wednesday 8/16/06 5:10:00 PM

I have been asked repeatedly on what my take on the Middle East situation is; perhaps I’ve been asked so often recently because I’m a Jewish Student, from a family of Holocaust Survivors who’s in the Arabic International Studies Department (something that sometimes confuses people)…maybe its just because people want to know what I think; so below is all I have to say on the entire issue. Comments are being screened because this is my home (digitally speaking) and there are some things and some words which people may be inclined to use after this post which I don’t allow to be used in my house.

My Enemy

My enemy is not the Lebanese.

My enemy is not the Palestinians.

My enemy is no one who shares my Semitic Heritage.

My enemy is not an Arab or a person of Arab Ancestry.

My enemy is Fear.

My enemy is Hate.

My enemy is Bigotry.

My enemy is Racism.

My enemy is Ignorance.

My enemy is Imperialism under whatever name you wish to call it.

My enemy is anyone who uses the suffering, the death and the persecution and the mass genocide of my family to justify the death and the persecution of another’s family.

“Set these words which I command you this day upon your heart and upon your forehead, speak of them when you rise up and when you lay down, and teach them faithfully to your children” and it’s amazing how few actually get the message, the simple fact that no matter what path you take up the mountain of life and under what name or names you call the spiritual, the divine that all these paths teach the same thing.

LOVE like it is your last minute on Earth because you never know when your thread will be cut.

Show COMPASSION, MERCY and GRACE to all who need it.

FORGIVE all who have transgressed you and ask for their forgiveness for your transgressions so that you can HEAL.

CARE for those who need it and for those who cannot ask for help. Defend the weak. Stand up for the defenseless. Stand up for what is righteous even if you find yourself standing alone.

And always ACCEPT the fact that you are not perfect, that you will falter, that you will stray from the path and accept that as you forgive others you too shall be forgiven.

My enemy is anyone who says they can’t.

My enemy is anyone who succumbs to fear.

My enemy is anyone who funds militia over education.

My enemy is anyone who says things will never change.

My enemy is anyone who stands blindly with any leader.

My enemy is anyone who gives away their rights without a fight.

My enemy is anyone who builds fences instead of tearing down walls.

My enemy is anyone who believes that to be a real man you have to kill.

My enemy is anyone who blindly supports the actions of any armed group.

My enemy is anyone who trembles with rage at injustice but who remains silent.

My enemy is anyone who thinks that democracy can come from the barrel of a gun

“He who saves a single life, saves the world entire. He who takes a single life, destroys the world entire” – Talmud

Any coward can wield a sword. Any coward can strike another down. Any coward can beat the drums of war and rally the people. Only a human endowed by the divine can become a healer, can become a person of compassion, can save life instead of taking it. Only a person with the iron core provided by the ethereal can walk up to their enemy, extend a hand and say “come, let us work together” and become a Peacemaker.

That should cover just about how I feel about everything.