Just got Back from Strand

Subject: Just got Back from Strand

Date: Tuesday 8/15/06 5:44:00 PM

I love Strand Books, it’s in The Village on 12th Street. Cheryl and I went in this morning and I think we spent at least an hour, maybe an hour and a half there; I found birthday presents for Alice (maleficentseyes) like whoa which was awesome because I saw it and was like “ZOMG!” so that was really neat, and I got a belated birthday gift for Jackie V so that was awesome too, then we went back to another store where earlier in the day I got Cheryl and Myself these laminated wallet card of the NYC Subway System (I normally carry the shitty paper version from NYMagazine) and I wanted to get the bus one (for when the subways go down) and the Queens/Brookyln one and the Central Park one which also had all the museums on it and the Streets one so that’s now in my wallet, which makes me happy (reference sets are always a good thing).

I got a ton of books and the strand bag I’ve been wanting since l was there last with Steve (stevivor); I would have also bought the strand t-shirt but I don’t need to let them know JUST how addicted to them I am in one fell swoop, I can just…drag it out.

Anyways, we then got lunch at Toasties which is one of my favorite delis/lunc places and located on the West side of Union Square and then took the subway to Penn (since we walked down that way and then around the village, it was okay to treat ourselves to the Subway) and returned to The Island.

It was a fun time, I’m sure I’ll have more to add later I’m just sleepy at the moment. Dad’s going on about something, there’s a tenseness in the house, the air conditioning isn’t working but I’m not too concerned, just shut off the lights and have a fan going and I’m fine and I wanted to take a nap anyway.

I need to get clothes suited for Florida…I have next to no T-Shirts with me at the moment and I own no shorts and all my comfortable underwear is in Buffalo (God Bless Ginch Gonch and CK, like sitting on a cloud) so I’ll do that tomorrow considering I depart at 3:30PM on Thursday…but today I handled obtaining the reading material necessary for the trip and lacking that…there’s always Pokemon.

Okay, nap time.