And we’re back to Dabkeh Music

Subject: And we’re back to Dabkeh Music

Date: Tuesday 8/15/06 1:14:00 AM

Music: Ya Ghzayel-Ashraf Abu Lel-Dabka from Palestine

I go through phases in music…break up music, girl power music, dabkeh music. I found this artist the other day and he does really cool instrumentals in a more traditional, non techno, dabkeh style; I think I’ll be incorporating a large portion of Dance and Pilates into my exercise routine this year (providing I can once again stick with it, yeah I’ve lost 133lbs but please, no props until my ass is back doing two hour work outs a day again).

But Lizzie (starbuckx) will hopefully by in NYC Soon for Grad School so I’ll haver a dance partner for when I come down and of course I need to brush up for when I make it over to Panama (I don’t know a whole lot of spanish, but I do know the few words I need to know at a Spanish Speaking dance club: Beseme, Si, No, Mas Cerveza Por Favor and I can sort of make out “where is the bathroom” but I can’t work the tilde on my keyboard at the moment).

Anyways, I’m hanging out with Cheryl (twisty_mirror) in the city Today and Wednesday Night (Tomorrow) I’m having Coffee with Ali’s (lilali) Mom.

In other news I really need to spar and get out some aggression; either that, or…well, we all know the other option and maybe I’ll work that in too.

Okay, bed time all.