Typology and Florida and Gators and Laptops and Weddings and Travel Oh My!

Subject: Typology and Florida and Gators and Laptops and Weddings and Travel Oh My!

Date: Saturday 8/12/06 2:48:00 AM

Music: Can’t Hold Us Down (Featuring Lil’ Kim)-Christina Aguilera-Stripped

Location: Plainview, Nassau County, Long Island, New York

Typology grade is in

Well while I loved the teacher, I honestly disliked Typology (I found it interesting and an important field of study, just not my cup of tea) and had I not lost a homework assignment, my grade would have been an A-, instead it’s a B+ and I’m okay with that (though I feel incredibly stupid for misplacing the assignment, I only have myself to blame).

While I found the material interesting, it’s certainly not the field of linguistics that I want to go into (I’m still loving Phonetics with an Arabic and Applied Linguistics Twist); However I recognize that it’s important, just like my twin-brother Dave went through in Engineering, to understand each component of your field. However, a B+ while not great, is acceptable as far as things go (I also had mono during this class and a wedding photo shoot a few days before the final exam) and since I have Prof. Scott as an instructor next semester I’ll just have to get an A in that class instead.

Now, however, knowing that my summer grades are an A- and B+ respectively (I’m sort of okay with the grades, I’m not happy with them though because I do know I can do better than an A-), I can take the next three weeks off to relax and to shop on Amazon.com for more reference books to plow through before classes really gear up.

Gatorade…made from real ‘gators

This Thursday I’m heading down to Florida to move my Grandma into assisted living my cousin Mike (who, like my cousin Rachel, I talk to almost daily) my younger brother Sam, my Dad and Myself are all flying down to pack up her apartment and help with the move (and I don’t know WHY Alice doesn’t want to come on this trip…my Father and I…one plane ride, than a small apartment together, loads of potential for fun…) and then I’m back in NYC/LI on Sunday for two wonderful weeks of rest before classes start (and of course, clothes shopping and Birkenstock shopping and more importantly, Strand Shopping – 18 miles of books).

Here comes the bride

So on Thursday morning (not this past Thursday, we’re talking two weeks ago) at about 3am I left for Boston, MA and arrived there (after numerous stops) in the early afternoon, I checked into the wonderful hotel (the beds were so unearthly comfortable, it was amazing…these are the kind of beds that they better have in Heaven..they even sell them and the sheets in the catalog…the model…well, their bed and sheet model shows you exactly what the beds were made for…fucking).

So that afternoon I made my way to the Church and went through the run through with everyone (making notes for the next day when I’d have to figure out the lighting) and then that night Carrie, Stephen and a bunch of us went out to one of the clubs (they kept asking for backups to my ID, so I eventually just handed him my two credential cards, license, student I.D. and wallet and said ‘here’). It was a neat club, I liked that it was underground; it was neat.

Then we went back to their apartment where we hung out and had a good time, and eventually (thanks to our designated driver) made it back to the hotel. The next day (Friday) I woke up and did lighting with the help of Carrie’s friend Kim and then made my way back to the Hotel where I took a nap and then hung out in the lobby waiting for the HP Crew to arrive.

The first to arrive was Dominic and the Kids who drove down from Quebec since Anne (tartanboxers) was already in NYC (and, for the record…they are so Anne’s kids, having never seen them before, on the street, in lets say, like…Guam, if we were both there and I passed them I’d go “Hot damn, those are Anne’s Kids”).

A note about Dominic

Liz (starbuckx) and I have both decided that the man we each choose to marry must live up to the bar that Dominic has set for being a kind, sweet, gentle, witty…dirty old man. We may start a fan club. He brought me, what amounts to, French Smut…a poster and a magazine of an incredibly hot swimmer (a guy I have a crush on since Dominic introduced me to him a year ago)…in a Speedo…I’m getting it matted and framed for my office when I get back to Buffalo – Hyatt’s does wonderful matting.

The next to arrive…

Was Margot (second_batgirl) who hung out with me in the lobby until Marian (ladymaidmarian) her husband Twitchy, Anne (tartanboxers) and Liz (starbuckx) which is when everyone got setup in their rooms (Anne, Dominic and the Kids were in one attaching room with Marian and Twitchy in the other, Liz and I shared a queen size bed with a rubber chicken and Margot took a room to herself).

Finally, we were able to have dinner together which was wonderful. I have to say of all the people who are in my life (and while I’m thankful for everyone) I always feel sort of blessed to have been able to meet and form deep friendships with most of the people from GT.net (I’m still working on a few, but I’ll meet them in person yet), but they – like the HP Crew I’ve traveled with and had summits with – are an important part of my life and I’m grateful for them.

After Dinner we hung around and discussed Harry Potter and Book 7 Predictions…after everyone went to their rooms Lizzie and I split a bottle of Fat Bastard Wine and just got to talk until like five in the morning which is when we finally retired to bed…the next morning when Marian woke us up and I showed her the bottle of wine she goes “DID YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF LIZZIE…WAIT, LIZZIE…DID YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HIM!?”

Neither of us are telling.

Bells are ringing…

Anyways, we all got dressed and went to the wedding; I wont mention photographically what I did because it won’t interest many of you and as it is, I’m editing the photos this week. However, I will say that the service was beautiful and welcoming and accepting which was great and the party was really wonderful (the D.J. was a little iffy, but he did all right) and we got to dance and have a wonderful meal and a wonderful time among friends.

Carrie and Stephen looked gorgeous (Carrie was stunning and her makeup artist did an AWESOME job on her eye makeup, it was out of this world).

That night I also met George…who I want to get married to (he’s gorgeous and I’ve pretty much decided that if he isn’t gay…well, he’ll have to get used to it, we’re getting hitched) and then we all eventually went to bed. The next day we checked out and I drove Margot and Myself home (so I could sell dad back the leash car and Lizzie, Marian and Twitchy took a car and Anne and family returned together to Quebec (we felt bad for Dominic, he was sick as a dog on the trip…I can’t wait to get back to Quebec and take him clothes shopping though…gunna be SO fun).

I bought a new laptop

I now have a wonderful MacBook laptop with built in isight camera and DVD Burner and remote control…it feels good to have a functioning computer again that can run all of the Phonetics software I wanted to run (especially for Acoustic Phonetics). I can even download T.V. shows for 1.99 on iTunes! I can keep up with House and Law & Order…soo happy. Plus I was able to recover my porn drive (since I couldn’t use FireWire on my desktop) so I have my collection back.

Legitimately when you make a business out of lecturing about Gay Sex you need to have material to discuss. I wonder if I can write the computer off as a tax deduction…”what do you do?” “I talk about butt sex” “excuse me” “I thought that was pretty clear…I teach people about gay sex…” “um…”

Speaking of, I gave Chris (gryvon) my old linux box to use as a web server…which is good, because it means that it’s getting good use.

Two Sixty Page Documents

Are currently in the works, Pagan Ministries Bylaws and another business ventures Bylaws and Handbook are being written as soon as I get back from Florida…two weeks, with NO WORK and no interruptions…thank God(s) it’s about time.


I’ll actually write about Thursday’s Travel Adventure later today, however it’s good to be in NYC/LI for almost three consecutive weeks. I have to get a charger for my cell phone, since I’ve lost mine but I’ll be able to see Ben and V and Christine LoVico (she’s known me for longer than anyone I’m friends with I think, we’ve known each other coming up on nine years) and Cheryl (who’s actually known me longer now that I think about it).

Hanging out will commence on Monday…for now, I’m attempting to get back all the hours of sleep I lost over the summer session…and then starting the editing of Wedding Photos.

Okay, sorry if the post is ADD-ish…so am I at the moment lol.

Okay, Peace all.