Quick Update…full update after sleep

Subject: Quick Update…full update after sleep

Date: Thursday 8/10/06 2:05:00 AM

Music: Ojos As

I really don’t mean to be a slacker with this blog but I just want to do the end of summer wrap up and the entry about carrie’s wedding properly (which means after sleep tomorrow). Though I’m happy to say that since the new laptop has a webcam built in, you can now video chat with me on YM and AIM and if you don’t have a camera, you can still see me =P

Anyways, in good news, the hot mohawk sporting jock is in my class next semester. Now before you think I’m a stalker (which, perhaps in other situations I am) the prof. announced who was in his class next semester before our exam today. However, he’s shown essentially no interest since I went up to him during break and asked if he was gay and wanted to go dancing so who know; maybe he has a boyfriend in which case, I’m no home-wrecker, either way his loss.

I leave for NYC tonight which means that starting at around noon I need to do Laundry and take care of those last minute things before I leave.

Lots to talk about…coming soon…after sleep =)

G’night all =D