Back with Mac

Subject: Back with Mac

Date: Wednesday 8/9/06 12:13:00 PM

Music: None…it’s a Library

Location: Lockwood Library, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York, USA

Wow, what a day.

First, I’m back with Mac…I was tired of not being able to run the linguistics software I wanted to (and considering my department uses Mac’s for everything, it’s a wise choice). Secondly I have my final exam in 6 hours 20 minutes and a final quiz in five hours and twenty minutes and then I’m done for this summer session…I think I’ll get a B but we’ll see…I’m not too cocky about this one.

I got to speak in Arabic this morning to a cab driver…that was fun, most of them here only speak English and the majority in NYC speak Urdu.

Anyways, Final Quiz and Exam, then Laundry, then getting ready to leave for NYC Tomorrow for three weeks (though technically, one of those weeks will be spent in Florida helping my Grandmother move into an assisted living residence).

Lots to update on, including the Wedding. Poppy, I have stuff to share with you when next we’re on-line.

Okay, peace out.

~ Metro