And nothing like an Exam to make you feel better

Subject: And nothing like an Exam to make you feel better

Date: Wednesday 8/9/06 10:27:00 PM

Location: University Heights, Buffalo, New York

I rocked the exam…this is very good. Plus he drops the lowest quiz grade, I get extra credit for bringing in music with transcription and I wrote a 3 page paper on the languages of Panama before class which also broght me in 7 extra credit points (he complained slightly of spelling and grammar…there was one spelling mistake, in that I left off an S and had to hand write it in…such is life so now I just have to find my Swahili homework (no, I don’t speak it, no I don’t study it, but bless Typology, I can damn well do homework on it) and scan it in and email it to him…but first, I really need dinner.

In other news, I’m finally able to pull my backup drive to my hard drive (since I can now, once again, use a firewire drive) so I didn’t loose all of my photo work which makes me incredibly happy. I’ll have to scale it down tomorrow and upload it to LJ.

In other news Do Laundry & Pack…I fly to NYC tomorrow night for three weeks (well two weeks there and one week in Florida).

A real update soon…as in…tonight…just as soon as I’ve taken care of the above three things. Oh and I have to write an action plan for something else…it’ll all be in the big post.

Anyways, time to make like my ancestors and forrage for food.