Carrie & Stephen’s Wedding

Subject: Carrie & Stephen’s Wedding

Date: Monday 8/7/06 12:16:00 AM


I’ll do a real post when I’m not tired, god there’s so much to go over.

Carrie was so, so beautiful, Stephen so handsome…The whole Bridal Party was Gorgeous…now to edit photos for a week and send them to her on a CD.

Oh, and I’m totally in love with a Canadian Boy named George who went to high school with Carrie…and while George doesn’t know it yet, we’re totally getting married…in Canada…because then, I’d get Canadian Citizenship…and be married to George…who I have a crush on hardcore.

Sorry Buffalo Boys…Eli, Kuper, Goldberg…you’ve all been replaced as previous and former crushes…I’m marrying George of course, assuming he’s Gay or a Straight Guy who wants to have sex with a Gay Guy or at least Bi…and of course, barring all of that…single.

Liz called the guy in the glasses, we don’t know his name yet though (we’ll bug carrie after she gets a few weeks rest AFTER her week in Aruba and gets herself situated back home a wedding and a vacation are tiring)…maybe we’ll have it on the same weekend, Liz can have hers on saturday, I’ll have mine on sunday or vice versa…that way everyone doesn’t have to travel twice.

Back to Buffalo Tomorrow

It was so good to see anne, the kids, Dominic (who Liz and I are now judging all men by, he’s set the bar), Marian, Twitchy and everyone.