“They call me, Mary forever”

Subject: “They call me, Mary forever”

Date: Thursday 8/3/06 1:26:00 AM

So I brought in the Transcription, the Hebrew and the Translation and the song מרי לנצח on CD to Prof. Scott’s office and I was like “before I let you see the lyrics, I want you to listen to it and try and figure out what the song’s about on your own based on the emotions that the music invokes within you.” So after the song was done, I showed him the lyrics and he started laughing. I was a little worried that with the groping part, and the ‘after he came’ part that he might not want to play it for the class because it was a little more…uh…direct, than some of the other pieces we’ve been listening too. Instead he asked if he could keep the CD for next year; I said “sure.”

So class comes around and he does a hand check for who understands Hebrew…no one else studies it (not that I’m anywhere near fluent, I just have a 400 word vocabulary and a professor who told me that the letters were given to us by an Angel no matter what anyone else says about how our language developed and who taught us about Netti pots instead of useless things…like, Grammar and Morphology ‘figure it out on your own’ a common theme, alas…I digress)…Prof. Scott doesn’t hand out the sheets…he does the same thing I did to him and after the song was done he handed the sheets to the class; I think most of them enjoyed it. The Navy Vet who sits behind me didn’t like it at all, oh well. He’ll live.

I can’t wait for Arabic class to start…this is the first semester in a long time that I won’t have to deal with the JDS Hebrew Program and I’m so, so happy…second year Arabic with Prof. R…here we come…just two more summer session classes (this Monday is the Final Quiz and this Wednesday is the final exam) and then I have three-ish weeks off until my final year at UB starts (go super seniors!) then Fall, Spring, Summer Semesters and two courses in Fall of 07 and I’m done…can’t wait…grad school, coming soon.

I have a few hours until I leave for Boston for Carrie & Stephen’s Wedding! (I’m the photographer…so not only do I get the benefit of having an awesome time…but I get to see the pictures before anyone…since…they’re on the camera…). Anyways, I’m doing some last minute cleaning, organizing, work etc as my clothes are washing int he laundromat in the Apartment Complex and it’s almost time to change loads and then I should be done and ready to head out. I just have to pick what four CD’s and what tape I want to start the drive with.

Anyways! Enough babbling! I need to go finish doing my stuff. I’ll keep y’all updated on my progress via mobile posts.