Busy next few days

Subject: Busy next few days

Date: Wednesday 8/2/06 2:19:00 AM

Music: מרי לנצח – עברי לידר

Wow, it’s going to be a busy few days. Today (since it’s after midnight) I need to do some laundry before I head to campus and I need to pack for Carrie & Stepehen’s Wedding (I can’t wait to see everyone!) and I need to do those other things, like check the photo equipment…again…because I’m paranoid. And I need to call the car place and make sure everything’s go for picking it up Thursday (even though I have TWO backup plans in place) and I have paperwork to do on my end (which is nothing new, there’s always paperwork…it’s a perpetual cycle of signing my name, stamping, sealing, answer questions, asking questions and emailing) and I have to finish Hebrew Transcription for class tomorrow because it’s my turn to bring in the CD of the language we’re currently talking about.

I also get to see hot mohawk boy tonight…play it cool and smooth…cool and smooth.