So about that Mohawk Sporting Boy

Subject: So about that Mohawk Sporting Boy

Date: Tuesday 8/1/06 2:51:00 AM

Tags: true life: ptmd

My heart is beating, we’re on 15 minute break (it’s a three hour long class) and I run up to keep up with him

“Hey, Stephen, can I ask you a question?”

“Hey sure man, what’s up”

“Um, I hope you don’t mind but are you gay” as my heart is beating, waiting to used a can reply I have for when he says that he’ straight and he goes

“Yeah, I am”

…and there’s a pause, as my heart beats faster and I stutter on my words and ask him if he’d like to go dancing, and he says yeah, he was planning on going out this weekend and I say “sorry, have a wedding” and I go “but here’s my number…”

And now…I’m walking alone, as he enters the bathroom to where I can get a drink going “I can interview with Time Magazine and think it’s nothing…ask a Mohawk Wearing Jock out…and I get weak in the knees.”

In other news, Rob and Jon Friedman, and some of the AEPi boys and I shared something special tonight…it was cool. Anyways, a snack, then sleep