Now that it’s Midnight

Subject: Now that it’s Midnight

Date: Monday 7/31/06 12:20:00 AM

Mood: happy

Last week is behind us now. A whole new week opens up before us. A whole new week to try and make the right choices and to learn from the mistakes. A whole new week to meet new people.

Can’t wait. I don’t like to go to bed angry and I won’t start a new week off on the wrong foot…just leave all anger and sadness behind where it belongs and start off right; only way to do it.

And today I’m giving the Mohawk Wearing Jock my new cell number (providing I get the phone before I have to leave the house)…and if he’s straight…well, I can learn to play sports…and there’s nothing wrong with new straight friends…but I’m really hoping he’s Gay.