New Phone Coming Soon

Subject: New Phone Coming Soon

Date: Sunday 7/30/06 5:22:00 AM

This is mostly boring and me figuring out my cell phone costs for the year…you can skip it if you want, though the cell phone is pretty.

My New Phone Arrives Monday, it’s the Virgin Mobile Switch_Back (I’ll give you all my number when I get it on Monday)

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But yeah, today (after I sleep) will be mostly spent taking numbers out of my old phone and typing them on yahoo notepad so I can add them to my new phone when it gets here, and get this old one in the mail. back to dad.

Anyways, looking at rates and service options. What I love about Virgin Mobile (I’ve used them before and keep going back to them, and every time I go back, I like them better than the last time) is that you can add and cancel add on services at whim, with no penalty and change your calling plan 900 times a day if you want to based on whatever you can afford at the time.

I won’t be getting mobile AIM mainly because I prefer to TXT Message than deal with my buddy list when I’m out and about anyway. I leave AIM running during the day so people can leave me messages on my computer (and if I want to, I can have that forward to my cell and I can TXT a reply back).

I think the 200 TXTs a Month for 4.99 is reasonable (though I don’t know how many I send and receive now, worse case I can upgrade to the 1000 TXTs for 9.99 a month) and the 34.99 plan (which is 300 Anytime Minutes, 1000 Prime Time Minutes) will have to do for now.

I’d get the unlimited prime time minutes for 44.99 but I can’t afford the roughly $50.00 a month yet. I might be able to, depending on this years income from free-lancing, but we’ll see. I haven’t even begun to think about bids for work yet and I turned down the trade show that wanted me to come and work in October because it was in the middle of school and located in the middle of no where Canada and while they really wanted me to come and do my thing because they think what I do is cool and neat and whatever, the people attending their show aren’t the people I’m looking to market to (they’re people who buy and sell sex products…I’m looking for Yaoi Fans to scream over hot boys and to bring in Gryvon money via sales from our web store to support us having conventions…not the corporate buyers for porn shops who don’t buy what we sell or those who run other on-line stores who also don’t buy what we sell. The only reason we have products for sale in the first place is to help pay for the Con that we run).

However, my Birthday is in 33 days and I have family members who like to send Birthday Cash and Gift Certificates so I’ll just use some of that to get myself enough top up cards to last through the first semester of the school year. I like paying for things in advance, that way I don’t have to worry about it.

Anyways, cost wise I’m looking at 4.99 for TXTs and the 34.99 plan for minutes, so roughly I’m looking at about 40.00 a month which gives me 21.5 hours (roughly) of talk time and 200 TXTs so hopefully I can upgrade to their unlimited talk time plan but if not, I’ll make do and in all reality, I’m in class most of the day so I’ll be TXTing more than I’ll be talking anyway.

You really can’t beat Virgin Mobile for coverage and cost though, even if their airtime is more expensive – which it’s not at the moment – I always wound up paying at least $70.00 a month when I was paying for my own T-Mobile phone (hidden fees abound), or in high school when I was paying for my own Sprint phone (same deal). I just like prepaid things, that I can control what services I do and don’t have on line, instead of having to call some customer service rep. Last year, when I was on Virgin Mobile (before dad sent me a phone) and I was getting too many calls, at all hours, all I had to do was call them and in five minutes, I had a new cell phone number, very few questions asked and it was a beautiful, beautiful thing.

In other news, my sleep cycle is slightly wonky this weekend, which is fine. I have meetings all day Monday which I’m actually looking forward to. I haven’t been in a board room for far too long and I’ve been in a ball busting mood for the past week, so this makes me happy.

Today however is mostly a sleeping in kind of day, roaming around the house in Pajamas and reading books sort of day. I think I’ll vacuum as well though, just because that needs to be done.

Okay, g’night everyone.