Today has been, a long day…

Subject: Today has been, a long day…

Date: Thursday 7/27/06 1:07:00 AM

On the way to campus, I was in the left turn lane. In front of me, is a mustang. My car starts smoking, like mad, from the hood…I smell burning. Now, I know that a car has four tires and if you’re lucky, a steering wheel and I also know that cars are, as a rule, not supposed to smell like they’re burning and therefore the smoke that was pluming up from my motor vehicle was a bad thing.

So I make the turn, pull into a paring lot immediately, whip out my cell phone and the first number on my speed dial is AAA.

My car is now in the shop. I then walked the three or so miles to Campus because it was nice weather and I wasn’t going to harass anyone for a ride when I’m capable of walking on the two feet that evolution gave me.

Anyways, done with classes for the week, now for four days of rest.

Good night everyone.