Testicular Fortitude

Subject: Testicular Fortitude

Date: Thursday 7/27/06 3:24:00 AM

I’m really posting a lot tonight…a lot’s on my mind.

Anyways, there’s this one guy in my class who sits directly in my peripheral vision, up against the wall.

His body is lanky, but solid as a mountain face. Carved muscle. His legs and shoulders and arms are striated and defined beyond what any sculptor has ever created. He wears these cut off Abercrombie draw string sweat pants that allow anyone to look up and see his well formed legs…and they don’t reveal boxers; leading me to believe that perhaps, just perhaps, his underwear choice is more…tailored. His muscle shirts (not wife beaters, no, he’s too classy for those) cling to every area of his rocking body…and his face. is. gorgeous.

He has a Mohawk, but not in the “I’m punk sort of way let me shave the rest of my hair, and dye it green” but in the “I could totally join the Mohawk tribe and play lacrosse with them, and contend, because I am just that manly” way…and the Mohawk just fits his gorgeous face, which is outlined in two perfect lines of stubble arriving at his chin. He always gets to class before me and whenever I see him I feel like I’ve lost all breathe and this goofy grin creeps across my face and even with six years of public relations training, I cannot turn of this grin. Every time he smiles back (a natural human reaction) I feel myself more drawn to him.

I have no idea if he’s gay or not…I’ve tried to face book him to see…and there’s never a good time to go up to him because there’s always other people around (even during our ten minute break…it is a three hour class after all) and it’s really uncouth to be like “So, which way you swing” in a public setting (other than Yaoi North) and I currently lack the Testicular Fortitude necessary to remove a business card from my wallet and write on the back “call me” or “I think you’re cute” or “I think the fact that you’re gorgeous, and smart, and have a wonderful personality…has made me totally smitten with you…” but that’s this week. This week which is rapidly drawing to a close.

Because as much as I’d be blessed if I was as muscular as him, or even as some would say, if I had his body for my own…I’d rather have his body intertwined with my body, in my life, in my bed and in my home.

On Monday, I’m handing him a card…and if he’s straight…he’ll smile and say thanks…and if he’s Gay…I hope to have his phone number and a date by the time I leave class.