Back in Buffalo

Subject: Back in Buffalo

Date: Monday 7/24/06 11:11:00 PM

Mood: sleepy

Back in Buffalo.

As much as I love my parents house and my family; it feels good to just be able to settle right back into my apartment. It’s like the entire apartment’s just one, nice, comfy pair of old birkenstocks…if that makes sense at all.

Just a quick update: when I got in I went straight to Campus where Prof. P had me take the exam from a week ago (which randomly contained a chart on Grimm’s Law which I had to fill in phonetically) and I got a 90 on the quiz, which was just fine, given that it was two weeks ago now and I haven’t looked at a book since then; since I wasn’t actually planning on a trip home to NYC/LI; he then attempted to give me six hours of instruction in fifteen minutes…this didn’t work too well, but he drops the lowest quiz grade which means I have around a 95% to a 97% in the class for an overall A or A-.

Eli was kind enough to drive me to the train station to pick up my car…and then to jump my car because the battery died (I have no idea why) and then to not kill me because the only way I knew how to get home was to go through the city of Buffalo…though, he may kill me later so if I go missing, you know who to blame.

Tomorrow morning I’m dropping my clothes off at the Wash and Fold so that’s one activity out of the way, and then I’m vacuuming (which isn’t strenuous given the size of my tiny Orek) and then resting until 4pm when Eli comes to take the couches.

And now, it is certainly time for bed.

G’night all =)