For Obvious Reasons, I’m on a Clerks Kick

Subject: For Obvious Reasons, I’m on a Clerks Kick

Date: Saturday 7/22/06 2:58:00 AM

And this is referencing Clerks (1994) not Clerks II (2006) so don’t bitch about spoilers…you’ve had roughly 12 years to see the first movie.

[on his past relationship with Caitlin]

Dante Hicks: She was supposed to meet Brad Michaelson in a dark bedroom. She picked the wrong one. She didn’t even know I was at the party.

Randal Graves: Oh my God.

Dante Hicks: Great story, huh?

Randal Graves: That girl was vile to you.

Dante Hicks: Interesting post script to that story – you know who wound up with Brad in that dark bedroom?

Randal Graves: Your mother?

Dante Hicks: Alan Harris.

Randal Graves: Chess team Alan Harris?

Dante Hicks: The two moved to Idaho shortly after graduation. They raise sheep.

Randal Graves: That’s frightening.

Dante Hicks: Takes different strokes to move the world.

Randal Graves: In light of this, I don’t see how you can romanticize your relationship with Caitlin. She broke your heart and inadvertently drove men to deviant lifestyles.