an I.V. is NOT Gin…I know THAT much…

Subject: an I.V. is NOT Gin…I know THAT much…

Date: Friday 7/21/06 12:48:00 AM

Location: Plainview, Long Island, New York

Okay, so I go for my CAT Scan and it required contrast.

The way that Zwanger-Pesiri does the contrast is they put into your arm essentially what amounts to a temporary shunt (at least, that’s what I *think* it is, sparks27 can probably correct me if there’s a better term) and they inject some liquid into your vein and I’m not really sure how it works from there but they tell me it works so take it as you will.

However what I thought was entertaining is that the nurse was assuming I’d freak out at the needle (after two large tattoos, multiple piercings, needles don’t really scare me all that much) so when she realized I wasn’t freaking out she was like “So…when we hook you up to the IV it may warm you up a bit…actually, it’ll feel just like you took a swig of gin okay honey?” and I was like “um…., yeah, okay…swig of gin, sure, no problemo” so anyways, they put the shunty thing in (these are, of course, the technical terms) and I get put on the CAT Scan bed and they hook up the I.V. and yes, I felt warm…but I can certainly say that the feeling was not that feeling you get after a nice swig of gin.

Anyways, they did the CAT Scan, it took about thirty minutes (in, out) and I was done.

The other interesting observation is that my doctor took blood from my right arm and where he took blood looks like I was punched by a football player. The nurse who inserted and removed (with literally, no pain) an IV Shunt in my left arm left no mark, that arm you can barely see the tiny red dot.

Lesson Learned (though learned before): Always let a nurse, over a doctor, draw blood.

Winners in the ‘Guess WTF nomadmatan  Has’ Contest

Eli (who’s ‘too cool’ to get an LJ name and thinks I make my Resh like my Dalet and I don’t…except in block print…but who the hell uses that anyway) says he thought it was the ‘Kissing Virus’ but claims that he didn’t know we call it that in this country as well.

blue02dude who says he really did think I had mono, but didn’t post it.

sparks27 who says the same as blue02dude

Bev (who doesn’t use LJ) who told Leslie that she thought it must be Mono after I hung up with her last Sunday on my way to NYC.

Build a Bear Tomorrow

Mom and I are going to Build a Bear tomorrow…can’t wait…I’ve wanted to go to Build a Bear since I first heard about them (whatever, don’t act like you’re so big and strong/old and mature that you don’t like stuffed animals). I really want to make an Innuit Cow. If they’re out of the Innuit outfit…maybe a fire fighter cow.

Buffalo on Monday

I fly back to Buffalo on Monday…and that’s a wrap kids.