HP Wedding Crew

Subject: HP Wedding Crew

Date: Thursday 7/20/06 2:17:00 AM

Okay Folks,

I’ve just finished looking at the Menu for Outback and I figured I should give everyone a “what to expect” as far as price goes.

Appetizers are around $5.00-$8.00 (I don’t often order them, as they’re the size of a meal and then…why order a meal?).

A regular meal (not like, lobster tail) is around $11.00-$18.00 (obviously, the fancier stuff is slightly more pricey) and I think dessert is included in most meals.

Alcoholic drinks are what they are and since it’s a resteraunt, will be slightly more pricey than a regular bar (on a side note, Massachussets has some weird blue laws about bringing alcohol into the hotel room on your own…just a general heads up…however, for our conveience, there’s a bar down in the lobby).

So per person plan on spendinng:

I. Meal with a drink and appetizer: $25.00

II. Meal with a drink or two, no appetizer: $21.00

III. Meal with a soda, no drink, no appetizer: $15.00

So I think it can fit into everyone’s budget providing we stay away from Lobster Tail (and honestly, if we’re having Lobster together, I’d rather it be at my house on The Island at some later date, where I’ll show you how to cook it right…you see, first, you have to chase someone around with the lobster to get it nice and fresh…).

People I have listed as interested are:

Me (myself, and I)

Anne (and crew)

Marian (and crew)

Liz (and leather skirt)


Of course, my general rule is “play it by ear” so it’s nice to have plans…but they’re always subject to change.

Marian…I hope you’re bringing the rubber chicken…I’m bringing a few myself…

And, time for bed.

G’night all.