Can I have “a sinus infection with a side of mono” for $300 Alex?

Subject: Can I have “a sinus infection with a side of mono” for $300 Alex?

Date: Wednesday 7/19/06 11:30:00 PM

So after calling the doctors office and dealing with them, and then playing a fun and delightful game of phone tag with my insurance company and my insurance broker I finally got my stuff settled to have my Cat Scan tomorrow.

On the phone with my doctor however he goes “Well, after looking at your blood test, I’m pretty sure, like 99.99% sure, that you have Mono” and I was like “Dammit.”

So, that’s the good word.

Eli wants it known that he WOULD have guessed Mono but he only knew it as the Kissing Virus and didn’t know if we also called it that in this country (we do).

Anyways, my doctor wants me to get the Cat Scan tomorrow regardless, “just to be sure” and then I’m coming home and watching movies (Kill Bill II, Clerks, Pulp Fiction again) and Friday I’m going to Build a Bear and making an Innuit Cow.

I hope to be back in Buffalo on Monday; and since I ‘know’ (or am reasonably sure) that it’s Mono, I’ll book my tickets to Buffalo tomorrow.

Doctors Rx: Soup, Rest & Reading.

G’night all =)