Date: Wednesday 7/19/06 1:34:00 AM

Mood: I need to pee

Adventures in Underwear

So today was fairly uneventful. I realize that my lack of underwear was seriously going to impact my stay down here (as I was planning on returning to Buffalo…where, by now, I probably have over 100 pairs of underwear).

So I went and got two packs of boxers (I really didn’t think Mom should have to be sent on that kind of errand, I mean, I know she’d do it because I wasn’t in the mood to go out, but really, by the time you’re 21 you should be buying your own underwear with your own money instead of describing what kind of underwear you need and sending your poor mother out to get it for you).

Anyways, I appreciate the words of support from all of you. I got to speak to Eli on the phone today which was cool. He doesn’t think I’m anemic and disagrees with my doctor’s assessment. Now, since I have absolutely no background in this kind of thing I can only report what I’m told (which is that my doctor said ‘wow, you’re anemic’…however, I also have no problem taking book on other people’s opinions of what’s going on:

That Said…

“I have to go to the bookies…what do you know that I don’t…bube…there are many things I know that you don’t”

I believe Carrie (irenefinlay) is voting for mumps and she’s very certain that if I were to die of some disease, it would be rare, and foreign, and probably stem from a trip to some bizarre part of the world and/or outer space.

Eli is voting that I’m not Anemic but he doesn’t know what it is either; however he challenges my doctors assertion that I am Anemic because that’s what he’s studying at the moment in his research (for the record, he’s also working with Rat Ears…I make him wash his hands before I come over and play).

I’m voting that I have no idea wtf is going on, but that I feel good after the shot in the ass (not…because it was in the ass, but because of the drugs the shot contained) and that I can be back in Buffalo by next Thursday. I also vote that having a shot in the ass requires one to change their sleeping habit for a night.

Mom is voting that I have the mumps (god dammit!) and then had a relapse of the Mumps again because ‘you’re a student and you never slow down!’ If I do have the mumps as she believes I do, she wants to go into the doctors office and go “I told you so” (‘because he’s such a misogynist!’)

Feel free to add your wager to the pot, winner gets a free pack of green tea.

Anyways, whatever the Doctor injected me with is certainly helping, I’m pretty sure it was a steroid and something else. I do feel better every day (and after literally a month of being sick, that’s a good feeling) buuuut I still can’t go back to Buffalo until I:

a) Know what I had

b) Know what I currently have and

c) Know how I can treat whatever it is I have, and avoid getting it again.

To think, this all started with a ‘sinus infection’

Actually, let me give you the rough time line of events (in terms of Days, it’s not 100% accurate, but it’s close)

Days 1-4 – Don’t go to Doctor because I’m only just getting sick, it will go away on it’s own, why bother…I was raised in a Jewish house…you don’t bother a doctor unless you a) have to or b) are getting his telephone number.

Days 5-8 – Not going away on it’s own. See Physicians Assistant on Day 5, told I’m fine, go home, I’ll be better on my own in a ‘week and a half’. Day 8, See a Doctor. Told I have a sinus infection, receive Z-Pack Script

Days 8-13 – Take Z-Pack, still feel sick

Days 14-16 – (at least, I think it was two days time) do nothing

Days 17-27 – Day 17 See Dr. Carnavele, Then See Dr. Chatrath, Receive Levaquin Script. On Levaquin for 10 Days. Still feel like shit.

Day 28 – Return to New York, instead of Buffalo, from Boston. Carrie Gave me Soup and Tea…Stephen gave me other things that we won’t talk about on LJ.

So, it could turn out that ‘treatment’ is just rest and soup in which case, rock on (no one will be happier than me for an excuse to eat soup and nap). It could mean treatment is something else (medication, etc). In reality, I have no idea.

Yes, I’m going for a cat scan (and I appreciate those who have offered up their cats to stare at me so I don’t have to make an appointment at the radiologists office) I know I had one person tell me “they only do that when it’s serious” but in all honesty, I think my doctor’s just being thorough.

I don’t get worried about medical procedures or doctors visits (to the consternation of some of my friends who freak out at the sight of a needle) mainly because I view myself as a pragmatist.

There’s a problem that I am unequipped (since it isn’t my field) to handle on my own. Therefore, I seek out an expert opinion. The expert then lets me know what the problem is and, if it sounds like it is within reason, I agree and then s/he tells me how to deal with it, and I do. Pretty basic. The only thing that’s gumming up the works is the fact that my insurance company is behaving like an asshat. However, I should be able to get the Cat Scan completed on Thursday, and hopefully see the Doctor on Friday and know what the deal is.

Now, my lymph nodes (or at least, I think that’s what they are) are still swollen…I prefer calling them “those bumpy things” however, I have clean underwear and plenty of books to read and stuff to drink, and who can ask for more.

Not only that, no one in around 100 miles would even THINK of wearing a Red Socks Jersey and that alone is enough to warm my heart…now, if I could just get Mussina and Jeter to warm my bed…if I can only have one, I’ll take Mussina. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. There’s nothing hotter than a Yankee in Pinstripes.

Not a whole lot of exciting things to update folks on…I mean, mostly, I sit in either boxers or pajamas in bed or a recliner, and read…I mean, I think the books are exciting (don’t get me wrong) but I can’t very well go “ohh and Archie had a brilliant move!” because none of you would know what the hell I was talking about.

So that’s it. I’m feeling better though not quite there yet, I’ve had a shot in the ass which was an experience unto itself, I now have clean underwear and I haven’t gotten a paper cut from reading and I won’t know anything until Friday so you now know, as much as I know.

Now…everyone Play Dr. House and we’ll have a good old time seeing who’s right…or, don’t waste your time and do something more entertaining.