HPers Going to Carrie’s Wedding

Subject: HPers Going to Carrie’s Wedding

Date: Monday 7/17/06 11:02:00 PM

On Friday, it’s my understanding that Carrie and Stephen are taking the day to themselves (rightfully so, considering that they’re getting married the next day and really…I can’t begin to imagine the stress level they’ll have; disclaimer: this is my understanding, I may be wrong) so I was hoping that maybe all of us (Anne, Marian, Liz, et. al.) can go to the Outback Steakhouse since we don’t get to see each other often and it’ll give us all a chance to sit down and catch up.

There’s one right near the hotel (so I’m told) in Quincy (which would save us from trying to find parking in Boston, which – after this weekend – I can safely say is a pain in the ass). I can drive seven (six others, plus myself) in my Mini-Van.

Outback is usually pretty reasonable, has food kids will eat (I think they also have a children’s menu) and they have no problem splitting the check so those of us who are not math savvy will have an easy time paying our section of the tab. If you’re not up for heading out to Outback there is a wonderful looking resteraunt in the hotel, but I think they’re probably pricey. There’s also a bar across from the resteraunt.

So, anyone else up for a Friday Night HP Crew Dinner? Let me know. If not, that’s cool…I’ll just go with my Rubber Chicken.

~ The Bovine