Week in View

Subject: Week in View

Date: Sunday 7/9/06 11:19:00 PM

Monday (Tomorrow):

1. Call AmeriPrise; have them cash out some stuff and deposit in my account

2. Respond to letter from MTB, put in mail.

3. Deal with Student Response Center at UB. Determine why they’re incompetent and attempt to correct the situation

4. Call insurance broker and figure out why my insurance has been terminated…get insurance reinstated now that I found a pharmacy that accepts my insurance in Buffalo (thank you Wegmans…catering to Long Islanders since…forever).

5. Quiz 1 for World Languages Course; Will Ace it. Assignment II Assigned


Laundry @ Syphrit’s House


Assignment II Due for World Languages Course


Fixing Friends Computer Downtown at Noon. Towne Diner for Late Lunch? They do have a wonderful grilled chicken sandwich…

Get Camera Batteries & Film


Leave to see irenefinlay for photo shoot; pack a lunch for the ride.