It’s good to be known for something

Subject: It’s good to be known for something

Date: Thursday 7/6/06 11:10:00 PM

So I started my new Linguistics class on Monday; the professor is very cool…the guest professor (who I think just comes to class out of boredom) is gorgeous and geeky and cool…and needs to be my new friend. Anyways, on Wednesday I managed (spaz that I am) to flip the top portion of my desk up not once, but twice sending my coffee table sized text book catapulting onto the sandal wearing feet of my colleague next to me; in the middle of class the girl on the other side just got up and left (we think it was typology that scared her away, rather than myself) so during the break the professor was like “And Matthew, you might want to use the desk next to you to, uh…hold your books” and I was like “great, he knows my first name not for my academic prowess, but because I’m by far the largest spaz in the entire class…whatever, I’m the only one in class who studied Sanskrit everyone else here takes those popular languages, like Spanish and French”

Speaking of Sanskrit, I think I’m almost at a level to resume learning it and I’m hoping Dr. Woodard will do an independent study with me; I do remember a good deal of the vocabulary and once I get the conjugation down, I should be okay. We’ll see, that’s a ‘Spring 07, I got my degree last semester, and now I have a few months to fool around and I don’t know what I’ll do with myself” kind of thing.

I still feel like shit; I keep having to send calls to voice mail because it hurts to talk and I still had three meetings today. I meet with Dr. C tomorrow at 11am where The Riot Act will be read and then prescriptions will be written…so sayeth the Gord (well, he would, if he were here).

I may be tabling for AEPi (since they’re short Brothers) I told Billy Baxter I want a T-Shirt for my troubles if I table for him. I think my position has been uped from honorary frat mom, to Casanova. In other news, one organization I work with on campus is giving me business cards…I think my title on them is “Mr. Fixit”

Eh, I didn’t mean for this post to be so melancholy, it’s just very annoying knowing I could be all fine and well if a bassackwards physicians assistant didn’t royally fuck up. I haven’t had a regular night’s sleep in quite a while and it’s been really annoying.

Okay, quizzes, then I’m going to read.


~ metro