Grades in From Session J Course

Subject: Grades in From Session J Course

Date: Tuesday 7/4/06 3:46:00 AM

Mood: happy-ish

So I received my grade for my Final Project (Project 3/3) and Final Exam in The Roots of English

Project 3/3: A- (Throughout the course never received below an A on a project…on my final project, there was a long entry which essentially we were just supposed to copy from the OED, I wasn’t feeling well that week…early onset of The Sinus Infection of Doom so I said “I would have printed the reference out for you, I didn’t hand write it in, I know how to find it” and Prof. L was like “that’s fine!” – I really love it when professors realize which of their assignments educate and expand the mind, and which ones are given as busy work).

Final Examination (of which there was only one examination, so it was both first and final): A- (I missed exactly ten points…and I know on what sections too; I knew which sections because as I filled out the answers in each of the sections I said to myself “I think Jews need a version of a Hail Mary…or anything better than The Shema…which indicates that I’m either just reaffirming my belief…or about to die…maybe something poetic like “Sweet Mother of Moses, Save us as we take this exam…or at least save us from our parents after they find out just how poorly we did on this exam, and please grant us that our Matzah Ball soup may come with more refills of Matzah Balls and less broth, and tell our Mothers, Grandmothers and Rebitzin to ease up on the guilt, forever and ever and ever, amen.” It’s the best I can do, I was stressed).

Putting that together with the fact that she counts the top 4 out of 5 Weekly Quiz Grades (one quiz I used as a “give me” since I was out one day that week with a migraine and then had a wedding) so my Quizzes were never less than a B (most of them were B- or B+)

Thus, I can conclude…my grade for the course is either A (the highest grade one can obtain at my university, we don’t have A+’s) or at the worst, an A-

I give myself both a gold star, and a cookie.

Today started Summer Session M and my “World Languages Course” and I walked into class going “i really wish I did laundry this week and didn’t put it off even though I’ve been feeling shitty, I don’t want the professor thinking I’m some kind of slacker” until I walk in and we’re both wearing almost exactly the same outfit:

semi-baggy shirts, matching jeans, matching Birkenstock sandals

…and I thought to myself:

“if this is any sign, from above, of what I’ll be doing in a few years I hope that I can a) keep the weight off as well as I’m doing now and b) that I have way more hair…otherwise, I hope to be JUST as incredibly geeky and cool, as this guy is.”

And now, time for a Fla-Vor-Ice, more reading, and sleep.