This post goes to Alice

Subject: This post goes to Alice

Date: Saturday 7/1/06 9:13:00 PM

Mood: sick

This post goes out to Alice, who since freshman year of college (when we met) has not only been my best friend and has consistently and with valor gone above and beyond the call of friendship duty (including, but not limited to calling me on my shit and bringing me soup when I fell out of bed), but who today crossed the quarantined gates of hell and entered my apartment to bring me not one, not two, but three bottles of soda, one giant box of fla-vor-ice and one bag of ice cubes…for her bravery in entering the plague ridden zone (I haven’t been able to move a lot for a few days and I’ve sweat now through 8 different sets of clothing, it’s bad) she is hereby awarded, this yellow heart:

This post also goes out to poor Dr. C (the Director of UB Medical) because when I’m feeling better, he’s going to be the one who has to deal with me as I read him (once again) the riot act regarding his staffs incompetence.