ROOOUUUUGH begining…

Subject: ROOOUUUUGH begining…

Date: Friday 6/23/06 11:16:00 PM

~*~ Endings ~*~

As she fingered the scar on her face while driving east across fourteenth street she knew she made the right choice.

Tonight was like any other night, seemingly ordinary in their bland obfuscation of what life was about, the yuppie dream. It was no longer about keeping up with the Smiths…oh no, that was so nineteen-nineties. Now it was about being better than them and reminding them of it without ever having to speak. The condom wrapper left conspicuously in the bathtub during a dinner party, to remind them that they were doing it and weren’t ashamed to admit it. A jewelers receipt crumpled intentionally to show the price, the ‘crumpled’ ball taunting them from beside the trash can to pick it up…have a look at how much more money they could burn. After all, what’s a couple of grand?

And like any night Jayson came home, with cocaine lined eyes from the station. The poor dear must have had such a long day as his secretary gave him head under the desk while he berated those ‘fags’ that were destroying the pillars, the very moral fabric of society. So tough it must have been for him to keep up appearances of moral superiority with bloodshot eyes, blaming them on those who ‘kept him awake at night’ with their godlessness instead of his habits.

She enjoyed being his wife, or at least she thought she did. The sex was okay, the money was better; there was a certain amount of prestige living with the number one right-wing pundit in a city of liberals…union square merely blocks away from their high rise.

She left him to sober up with the radio that he just wouldn’t shut off, balancing precariously close to the bathtubs edge…a hard ending for a right wing shock jock. Tomorrow she would play the roll of bereaved widow; telling all who would listen in between carefully timed tears and sniffles of the horrible tragedy….but first she’d have to head to Sephora and make sure she had the right makeup to coordinate with her outfit, then a new cross from Tiffany’s to remind the Smiths that she prayed more than them too.