Socks & Muffins & Boston…oh my (with a little dash of Iwan Loving)

Subject: Socks & Muffins & Boston…oh my (with a little dash of Iwan Loving)

Date: Wednesday 6/21/06 2:26:00 AM

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New Friends & People Who Recently Friended me on LJ

Please feel free to introduce yourself in the comments field of this entry. Tell me a little about yourself; why you’re here (well, not specifically my blog, though you can – but more of why you blog, what you’re blogging about recently, etc); what do you do, where do you do it, why do you do it. The world wants to know, grab a pen and share who you are with us =)

Also, I’m well aware of three lurkers who are currently lurking this journal. Just say hi already…I don’t bite…unless you ask me to.

So about those socks…or, unconfusing those who aren’t in the HP Fandom

Back in the day I used to go by the on-line handle of snowshoecow which later became stuffeddonkey, which later became a name I hated (maquisnyc…no one got the non-star trek, french resistance reference) which later became the name that I now love (metrocowboy) but my nick name on the boards was “The Bovine” (not using bovine in the pejorative sense)however, my on-line persona was as a cool, bitchy and witty gay cow.

Anyways, while I wasn’t a moderator on the now closed forums, I Was a SYSOP for some time on their Chat Room; and when I no longer went there over slight differences of policy, I certainly maintained my friendship with the queens (and of course davidjoates and many others). The people, who when I say I love them, mean that in all it’s implications and I have become friends over a long period of time. The queens and fellow GTers who I keep in touch with are some very, very close friends. We’ve traveled to each others homes, attended each others life events and really…created a family and support network that existed (and for that matter, continues to exist) both on-line and off. ladymaidmarian‘s daughter calls me Mr. Bovine.

After I left the GTCafe (the name of the chat room as we called it) a few others friends and I, with the assistance of taearesh, opened the HPCafe (now also no longer in use).

A lot went on during that time, (if you go Here you can read the story, I think I come in somewhere along Chapter 7. If you go here you can see the players, I’m on there too) in the fandom and it’s nice to know that after all the mud slinging, finally, over three years later we’ve been cleared by the wonderful court of public opinion on all charges.

It’s about damn time.

Though it’s incredibly important for me to make note that where I’m referenced dealing with MuffinAss (I’m sorry, ‘muffinbutt’) I banter with her in the comments (this later becomes a lynch pin on which one of MsScribes socks is connected with) I say I have a boyfriend in the comment field – I do not have a boyfriend, neither then or now…I was engaging in catty banter attempting to draw her out…was it a lie- without question and one that anyone at the time who read my journal regularly knew was a blatantly false statement (hence why Marian said that MuffinAss didn’t know me very well). Unfortunately (for her) MuffinAss was lured into this conversation and eventually exposed her then friend, MsScibe. I don’t apologize for it.

“Reach out and touch faith,..someone to hear your prayers, someone who cares…someone to hear your prayers, someone who’s there. Feeling alone and you’re all alone, flesh and bone on the telephone, lift up the receiver I’ll make you a believer…things in your chest you need to confess, I will deliver, you know I’m a forgiver…reach out and touch faith”

Marilyn Manson depeche mode…what do you want from me, I live under a rock from non-fandom, pop culture

Fun fact, I’m legally ordained by the UCTAA as the “The Rev. Matthew L. Schwartz, a Rabbi in the Hierarchy of the Church” (with federal statute and case law backing the ordination as binding and valid and legitimate under federal law regardless of how ridiculous the name “The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic” might sound to some, non-believers in the apathetic and agnostic faith =P), wonderful thing that case law that makes including most religions (no matter how many or how few) followers actual religions…sure they allow Rev. Phelps and the ‘church’ of Scientology to operate, but while doing that they let me do some things to, so you can just go suck on this Frist:

If I had a boyfriend I could:

– Visit him in the hospital if he was sick because I can flash the ‘Clergy Card’

– Not be forced to testify against him in a court of law because anything he told me is covered under spousal privilege Confidence laws with regards to Confession to members of The Clergy.

While I’m still categorically denied 1,049 Rights I can at least take back two of them. And as of August I’ll be registered in NYC to perform marriages (if anyone needs a quick wedding, let me know; I’ll even buy you a cup of coffee).

Queer people are creative….we can’t get married under federal law, so until we can, we’ll find other ways to make sure that we get the same benefits as our heterosexual counterparts until we actually have equal rights.

Boston Soon!

I’ll be heading down to Boston for a weekend in July so I can take care of most of the high-stress wedding photos (I’ll be the photographer for irenefinlay‘s Wedding come August) and since I’m a one man show, getting down there early to do all the artsy hand holding, flower holding, ring showing, kissing pictures will take a lot of stress off of everyone on the day of the wedding. We’ll probably shoot between 500-600 frames; some digital, some chemical; but all gorgeous.

Iwan Love

Iwan…I have actually no idea what time it is in Lebanon at the moment, but no doubt you’re sleeping…but, as always…I want you to know…I love you:

metrocowboy Loving Iwan Like That’s His Job Since a Long Time Ago

And now, it’s time for bed…I get to sleep in tomorrow Today =)