OMG…there’s a Lebanese Hunks Calendar…

Subject: OMG…there’s a Lebanese Hunks Calendar…

Date: Tuesday 6/13/06 1:20:00 AM

Tags: edit me has a Lebanese Hunks Calendar…dear god…I need to get to Beirut…I need to get to Beirut NOW…it’s something in the Middle Eastern water or something that makes ’em just drop dead gorgeous.

In other news….this design is super neat:

And I might as well do an important update whilst I’m here, at the computer, before I get up at an ungodly hour to do work:

So I met with Dr. Jaeger today to figure out what my academic plan is for the rest of my undergraduate career…it goes as follows:

Fall 2006

Fall semester is already figured out with my entering my second year of Arabic Language Studies and continuing my studies in Linguistics. I start American Sign Language. Start studying for the GRE. Acquire most newspaper and magazing articles that have either been written about me or that have quoted me (ref: Washington Post, Time, Buffalo News…I think I might have been referenced in Newsday but I’m not sure)…laminate originals, photocopy and get ready to send as part of supporting evidence…for whatever. E-Mail Dr. Halavais for Recommendation Letter. Get letter from Dr. H, Dr. Jaeger, Dom Licata (I’m SURE he still remembers me…I was the only lab monitor to ever show up on time, and I had an A in his course), Rabbi Harvey and Reverend Linda. Have Jackie (iolausian) edit my C.V., Resume and other documents (she’s by far the best Editor I know). Bribe Jackie with Greek Food.

Spring 2007

I continue and finish my second year of Arabic Language Studies, finish my First Year of American Sign Language. I take Linguistic Anthropology (LING491) as well as more linguistics courses. (Take GRE?). Renew ATA Student Membership.

Summer 2007

I finish my last two Gen-Eds. Complete my 20 Hour CE Requirements so I can re-certify my CPhT Credentials March 2008 and not have to worry about them last minute.

Fall 2007

Drop to Part time Status (I’ll only have to take my last two linguistics classes); Loose health coverage under parents health coverage plan. Obtain UB Health Insurance…not get sick at all costs. Focus on applying to grad schools for Fall 2008. Graduate…give myself a cookie and/or gold star (depending on current supply of either). Actually walk through Graduation…make grandparents happy that they get to see me walk (I didn’t go to my High School Graduation…mostly because I thought having to practice was a waste of time).


Graduate with B.A. in Linguistics (Language, Society & Communication Track), Certificate in Paralegal Studies, National Pharmacy Technician Certification & NIH Research Participant Safety Training Certificate (I already have everything after the B.A…I just need that pesky B.A.).

Spring 2008

If accepted, can afford AND if we’re (Dr. Jaeger and myself) correct in that it’s only a few month program (which apparently it is, but this needs to be verified) attempt to get into NYU’s Translator Certificate Course…regardless of acceptance take CIPP Exam (and Pass). Sit for NYS P.I. Licensing Exam (pass this as well).

Fall 2008

Enter Linguistics M.A. Graduate Program focusing on Arabic Linguistics at UB; bribe Prof. R. to work with me on Arabic for free…perhaps offer stock in future empire as incentive? Perhaps offer sandbox in Florida as viable real estate opportunity…though that would damper Kat (katancelt) and my plan of being card board box neighbors in NYC.



Okay, time for sleep followed by an INSANE day…>,<


~ me