You may recall a certain accident

Subject: You may recall a certain accident

Date: Monday 6/12/06 1:38:00 AM

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You might recall an accident I had now roughly three years ago where I fell six feet into a cement floor, lacerated my lip, broke my nose and smashed in all of my teeth…requiring more than two years of oral surgery to fix and back pain (of course now aggravated by my former sleeping arrangements) that acts up at the worst times. You might also recall that the ambulance company arrived 13 minutes after the call had been placed by the police officer who first responded to the scene (another two minutes and the ambulance company would have been fined and/or lost their license; this same ambulance company has since been banned by UB as the responder for emergency calls).

Well, three years later we finally got a bill from them…our insurance company realizing that this happened three years ago said something to the effect of “tough shit, too late, deal” (however that’s currently said in insurance speak) and the ambulance company wants money. My Mother (who handles situations like I do or more aptly put, I like her) said “Insurance Company, Ambulance Company – you two fight it out.”

If for some reason the ambulance company thinks that they’re going to be paid for responding late, to a call that I didn’t place, while I was incapacitated and in no frame of mind to make decisions, have survived without my capital for three years and just now decide that they want to collect on what was arguably horrible (if not actionable) service (they had intake information wrong…intake information that they had to copy from my license to another piece of paper – not rocket science – among other things) they’ll find that I am the wrong person to pull this crap with and am in no way inclined to play nice.

So currently we’ll let the ambulance company and the insurance company fight it out and play it by ear.

Of course a letter saying “Oh…we thought you were being Good Samaritans and doing the right thing why else wouldn’t you send a bill for three years” chock filled with guilt might also be fun; but we’ll see.

Full update soon =)

~ me