Well then…

Subject: Well then…

Date: Tuesday 6/6/06 2:22:00 PM

I just mailed a check for $5,549.77…and I’m now debt free; every thing’s paid off (all $20,000.00 of it) and over the past year of paying all that off I definitely learned some important lessons (about myself, my family, and a few other things along the way) and that is certainly not a mistake I’ll ever make again….ahh school of Hard Knocks.

I’ll feel more comfortable when they cash it and I get the last bit of paperwork, which will no doubt be coming in over the coming weeks and months (probably two at most). Now to keep working with my families financial planner to try and build up my credit rating and my bank account.

For now however, I think it’s time for a nap, followed by some more cleaning =)


~ me