Live from YaoiNorth (the last post before the wrap up post)

Subject: Live from YaoiNorth (the last post before the wrap up post)

Date: Sunday 5/28/06 9:12:00 PM

Location: Yaoi North, Double Tree Hotel, Toronto, ON, Canada

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Howdy Folks,

About to get ready to go nap in the Yaoi North Staff Room before I even attempt to do the wrap up post of the convention; suffice it to say everything’s getting cleaned up around here at Anime North and I’m about to pass out from exhaustion and a headache (though I did manage to enter everyone into the mailing list who asked to be).

This was such an awesome convention (I was even scouted by a trade-show/other convention group, so they’re currently in contact with me to see if I’ll come up and join them for one of their sex shows).

To all the new friends I’ve made, I can’t wait to get to know you better…naytomorrow you are incredibly comfy, and I hope to see you soon…and there’s a lot more (and I mean a lot more) people who need props and recognition, and they’ll get it shortly…in the next post…after I get some sleep.

G’night All!

From Toronto Live at the Closing of Yaoi North,