Back in Buffalo

Subject: Back in Buffalo

Date: Thursday 5/18/06 2:46:00 AM

Music: Wannabe – Spice Girls

(yes, I know, I know…Spice Girls…allow me a guilty pleasure…)

So I had a great time in NYC/L.I. and as much as I look forward to continuing my studies at UB and going for the gold that is my Ph.D. and ATA Certifications (and of course attending my ten year reunion by landing in a helicopter…or maybe camel caravan…I’m not sure yet)…I also can’t wait to move to The Village and start that phase of my life…I really look forward to everything that’s on the Horizon (including the travel), but I’m not rushing anything and I make plans…but I also change them all the time (it’s good to be fluid). Everything’s just so cool because ten years ago I could never imagine that I’d be where I am today and as much as I make or change plans, things are really coming together they way they should. It’s wonderful.

In slightly unnerving news…my younger brother (by six years) can now *almost* kick my ass…he came close when we were goofing off (to be fair, he challenged me) and next time I think he may actually win (more reason to take up wrestling…I need to learn to have the upper hand…that or I’m going to need to seriously start power lifting) I think he’s going to be six feet tall soon (and here we told him he had to eat more than cereal and pasta with butter if he wanted to grow big and tall, he showed us) and he’s all muscle. Now that he’s in High School when he’s not hormonal he’s actually sentient! It’s really wonderful; though Years of abuse (he asked for everything he got) are now going to come back and bite me in the ass.

As I was making my way from Penn Station to Amtrak to catch the train from NYC to Buffalo I stopped in a book store (I’m currently reading Fer de Lance by Rex Stout, but I wanted back up in case I finished early on the train)…and I found this book called “Gay Haikus” and first I thought “oh this looks like a cute book that someone would attach to a gift or something” so I picked it up and began to read it…and holy fuck I was impressed…I read through the whole thing, laughing out loud in the store…and I was like…THIS GUY GETS IT” so I bought the book and walked to take a seat and turned to the back flap of the book…he graduated Harvard with a Degree in Linguistics. I’m blown away by this guy, the book was *brilliant*…and I’m glad he wrote it. There’s hope…and I need to write him a thank you letter and send him a gift card for whatever local coffee shop is by him.

I also picked up a book on how to talk dirty in French (similar to my “How to Make Out in Arabic Book”) as well as the Da Vinci code (I figured with the storm of protests that I should probably read it and figure out why people are getting upset).

Anyways, I do have more to post about…but I also have to catch up with my stuffed animals, who think I’m cheating on my bed with the sofa. I’ve missed all my friends, Alice, The Syphrit Sisters, Nadia (and I’m not going to name them all, but I’ve missed all of you) and of course Eli (who made fun of me when I called him and patronized me for missing him =P) and as my mothers cross stitch says:

“Wherever you travel, wherever you roam, be happy and healthy and glad to come home.”

Bed Time!


~ me