I am a happy, happy camper.

Subject: I am a happy, happy camper.

Date: Monday 5/15/06 7:17:00 PM

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I met with my Financial Planners Today…not only will

all of my debt be paid off; but by the time I’m out of

Grad School (2012~ish) I’ll be comfortable enough to

start out in the real world (wherever that is) and

pursue what I want to do and to setup shop and get an

apartment with little to no stress.

I also got my Tax Refunds back…which means my

savings account is now nice and healthy and it means

that Chris (gryvon) is fully paid back

once I land back in Buffalo this Wednesday, which is


This doesn’t however mean that I’ll be going out to

eat, spending money or driving more or even driving as

much as I did this year…I’d rather keep living

modestly to meagrely, saving all the money I can for

when I really need it: which is after graduation.

Next year I think I’ll be walking to South Campus and

bussing it back and forth to UB since my schedule will

allow it and my winter coat is more than sufficient.

I’ll have to work out book logistics though, but

that’s not hard.

There will however be two purchases; that being an mp3

player (mine is having more issues than I care to deal

with and I have a six hour train ride coming up, not

to mention a 12 hour train ride to Philly soon) and

some business cards because I’m out and those are sort

of important.

This means that as soon as Anime North/Yaoi North is

done with the car gets cleaned, tarped and parked for

the summer and I can start biking it around

town…I’ll liberate a bike from the shed before I

return to Buffalo…I REALLY want to go camping and

hiking since I’ll be in Buffalo this summer…anyone

with me? It’ll be fun!

Okay, more updates forthcoming…and Cheryl (user=”twistymirror”>) I totally want to hang with you

before I go back…but somehow I managed (I don’t know

how) to delete your number from my cell phone…email


More updates forthcoming.

– Me