FINAL Summer & Fall Schedules; New LJ Community and More

Subject: FINAL Summer & Fall Schedules; New LJ Community and More

Date: Tuesday 5/9/06 1:46:00 AM

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First, though I don’t have the pretty version yet here’s my Summer and Fall Schedules:

Summer Session J

FR101 J, Elem French 1st Semester, MTWRF, 0900-1105

LIN108 J, The Roots Of English, M W, 1830-2140

Summer Session M

LIN106 M, Languages Of The World, M W, 1830-2140

Fall 2006:

ARI201 , 2nd Yr-1st Sem Arabic, T R, 1700-1840

ASL191 E, 1st Yr-1st Sem Am Sig Lan, T R, 1900-2020

FR102 B, Elem French 2nd Semester, M W F, 1200-1325

LIN205 001, Intro To Ling Analysis, M W F, 1100-1150

LIN207 CAS, Lang Society & Individual, W, 1900-2140

LIN315 001, Lang In Its Soc Setting, T R, 1530-1650

You’ll notice Hebrew isn’t on the list…this isn’t for lack of doing well; just mainly because the professor is crazy, I’ve had her for three semesters and there’s only so much I can handle before I go “this is not worth taking…I can berate myself and other people for free…my parents should not have to pay for this woman to not teach”

I was at Alice’s (maleficentseyes) house and her Mom, Dr. Jaeger, (who’s my Adviser and Independent Study Professor) and her were like “she’s not teaching, she’s crazy, her department is corrupt and lets you purchase grades, it stresses you out, it isn’t your focus language (which happens to be Arabic) why kill yourself for this woman?” and I was like “yeah…that makes sense…I can just learn it on my own…I’d rather concentrate on Arabic”

Then when I managed to get into American Sign Language (I think it’s one of the top five courses that fill up after first day of registration opens) I dropped Latin because ASL is way more important and of course I need to take French so I can talk with my Mom and not have other people in the room understand us (though one always does need to be careful because you never know when someone who’s poly-lingual may or may not be in the room that said I’m in the higher level Arabic Course and the Second Elementary Level French Course (I’m taking the First Elementary Level French Course the first Summer Session) and I’m in the First Level ASL Course…and of course, all my happy Linguistics Courses.

Graphically, my schedule is awesome…I have no courses before 11AM.

In other news, I created a new community which I have yet to actually post anything of importance, fully add the user info, etc. but I wanted to create it so I can work on it this week…that said, Candie, Teresa, Itai (maybe?) you might want to join it:

I present phoneticians


Now…bed time.