Drum Roll Please…

Subject: Drum Roll Please…

Date: Monday 5/8/06 1:23:00 AM

Mood: dorky

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First Year, Second Semester Arabic Grade Is:


Dude. Sweet. I’m looking forward to Next Semester…and now I’m left waiting for my Hebrew Grade…which I’m banking isn’t going to be as good as my Arabic Grade…I know it’s trite, but really that reflects more on the teacher than it does on me…I’m not saying…I’m just saying…

Anyways, I’m back from Toronto and exhausted and I think tomorrow today is a sleep in then work out kind of day and then I need to do the last bit of work for Dr. Jaeger; get a new tire (though the spare did remarkably well getting to Toronto and back today yesterday)…plus I need to chill with Alice now that she’s Back and I have to drop off a book with Candie and I have a meeting downtown for which I’m supposed to have read a 54 page brief…which has not happened yet…and needs to occur before 7pm tomorrow…har har har…I’ll read it over lunch (which on a random note, is my favorite meal of the day).

In other news…I went to Second Spin Records in Toronto…NO IWAN CD’S! NO DABKEH! No IVRI LIDER…I struck out on ALL counts…sadness! This furthers proves that I need to GO to Lebanon and bring Iwan back so he can just sing to me here…now if only Natalie and I can figure out where Iwan lives in Lebanon, we’ll be all set…that and I need to know how to say more than “I study Arabic” “the door is big…” “I flew on an airplane to Egypt from New York…” and so on…I need to be able to say things like “I want you to throw me on the bed and make love to me until my eyes roll back in my head…” but it’s all about baby steps I guess…I’ll flash card my “Making Out in Arabic” book later this week (I do actually own that book…the Astute And Amazing Alice pointed it out to me when I was at her store).

That said, it’s time for some Iwan Love:

Marry me Iwan

And now…some sleep…

G’night =D