This has been one weird week…

Subject: This has been one weird week…

Date: Sunday 5/7/06 3:13:00 AM

Mood: sleepy

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Okay, so I’m not going to get into much of last week, because it was fucked up: two of my friends were arrested and beaten by police, one of my best friends of seven years was raped causing me to leave buffalo for three days and help her out and during the time I was with her, having my front, left tire blow out. They involve way too much detail and some things are way, way to personal for me to share that said, I’ll talk about Today’s events:

Spent my morning with Jackie (her parents were trying to find ways to marry me into the family, apparently…and unless Jackie has a brother that I’m unaware of…) which was fun, had breakfast at Panera Bread Co, watched south park, chilled, got some ice cream and just had a nice, mellow Jackie and Matt kind of day. Then I went to Alice’s (which was awesome because she’s been away in Germany and I haven’t been able to see her in a million years) where I got the most AMAZING gift *EVER*…I need to take a picture of it, so I can post it on here, it’s adoring my desk in all it’s glory…but that will come later…Alice…I love you…and I love you even more for seeing it and KNOWING I’d love it.

Anyway, Alice and I went out to TGIFridays where we saw Mark (who’s looking hotter with short hair..good job Alice!) and I tried the Starbucks Martini…it was fantastic. After that, hung out some more with Alice and then I came back to my apartment and eventually Bi-Matt and I went to Club Marcella where the hot straight guy at the door was wearing a cowboy bebop shirt (if he wasn’t straight…I’d date him for that alone…we’re talking Spike Spiegel folks) so we danced and I got to hang out with Bi-Matt which is great (two friends, no sexual interest in the other, no drama = good times). Had a blast and ran into some friends so that was fun.

As the night progressed my friend LoN (who helps DJ and do the lights) called me over to the DJ stand and he reached down and gave me an Oreo! Made me happy =) Then this tall, lanky, adorable twinky kid pulls me into him, starts grinding with me and stuff and I was like “umm…okay, I’m game if you are” but it was awkward because he wanted me to like do the grind in from behind stuff…and…I don’t lead…we’ll leave it at that, I don’t lead…I don’t know how to lead…and I look awkward leading.

Me either attempting to lead or to top is essentially like a turtle on a pole: the turtle doesn’t know how it got on top of the pole, the turtle doesn’t know what to do on top of the pole and the turtle has no idea how to get down.

later that night when I went to go get a shot he was like “me and my friend (his fag hag) love you!” and I was like “oh…thanks that’s sweet =)” (because it was and there’s no reason to be mean to anyone)…and yes, he was cute and adorable, and tall and thin and had nice hair and eyes…and TOTALLY wasn’t my type at all (also under 21 judging by the black X’s on his hands)…I go for, well…tall, dark, Middle Eastern/Mediterranean muscular butch manly guys…who don’t know from body glitter and who can field strip a weapon, navigate a mine field and yeah…though if I knew of someone who goes for that body type in Buffalo who was single, I give this kid a thumbs up he was sweet and adorable.

Anyways, Christie and I are in Toronto Tomorrow for the second to last meeting before Anime North, I have another post on the way (now that I’m back in town) and if you haven’t seen it, the roast of Pamela Anderson ala Comedy Central is AMAZING.


~ me

On my way out the door I told the hot kid checking ID’s that if he comes to Anime North and stops by Gay Sex: 101 I’ll give him something; he was like “YOU’RE GOING TO BE AT ANIME NORTH” and I was like “yup, I’m on the Gay Sex: 101 Panel so I don’t k now if you’re gay or not but you’re welcome to come” and he was like “I’m not gay, but I’ll be there” so that’s cool…I think the prize will be me buying him a drink =P