“Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays”

Subject: “Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays”

Date: Monday 4/24/06 12:56:00 AM

Mood: sick

Music: Temperature – Sean Paul

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Today looks like it’s going to be a long, long day…it’s a good thing I’ve stocked up on Coffee.

I need to be up and moving by 8am (I think, maybe a little bit later like 9:00am) where I have to go to my office downtown and run off another few hundred flyers for the Immigrant Rights Demo (I got a lot of them done on Saturday but then I started feeling sick so I drove back to my apartment) while those are running off I need to study for my Hebrew Final (which is at 9am on Thursday).

After I know all of the Hebrew Vocab for this Semester (breathe…just breathe…breathe…) I then have to study some more from the Peter Ladefoged book so I can read one of these perfectly for for my LING499 Independent Study ‘Final Exam’ with Dr. Jaeger; mnmmFormants…Tastey.

I have a pretty good grasp of the Material for the Phonetics Ind. Study, I just need to commit the rest of it to memory. After which I need to come home and outline what I need to know for Tuesday’s Two Hour Arabic Study Session (a far longer study session than our normal ten minute study therapy sessions where we remind each other that we all have good grades in the class and that we aren’t totally retarded) and then I need to clean up my apartment for the ten or so people who are coming over for a worksession and then more Hebrew Studyage.

On Saturday Jackie and I went out for a Chinese Lunch (a huge meal for $5.45? You can’t beat it…best Chinese Food Place in B-Lo – for the locals, it’s on Maple right next to Denny’s) where we caught up with each other which was good and a much needed break…I think she’s the only one who really knows what I mean when I say things like “I got A’s and B’s all semester…yet I don’t think this semester was successful at all…WTF”

I can’t wait for Yaoi North! I can’t wait to take my Final Exams so I can get this weight off my chest, wipe the slate clean and have a fresh start this summer semester…especially since Nadia and I are studying Arabic together as a pre-emptive attack on the Material for next semester and I can get all of the Hebrew Homework done for Next Semester which will take up an exhorbitant amount of time this summer but will give me a BOATLOAD of free time next semester…I need to Spreadsheet this tomorrow and I need to brush my teeth so I can go to bed.

Nadia and I are attending the OAS (Organization of Arab Students) formal together this Saturday which should be fun (I hope there’s Dabkeh) but it’ll be nice to have a date who knows how to dance.

After This Monday I have two weeks off, then I start my Summer Linguistics Class as well as my French Class which I have for the first summer session then French Ends and I start another Linguistics Course to end the Third Summer Session and then I take First Year Second Semester French in the Spring while I start Latin and continue with Hebrew and Arabic in the Fall…and then I need to start looking for a job…it’s too bad I don’t have the body to be a stripper…their hours are compatible with when I can work…maybe I can start a 1-900 line or something.