Subject: Quotage

Date: Sunday 4/23/06 7:49:00 PM

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Nadia: “Why do our Arabic Study Sessions only last 10 minutes…like every time we have one, it’s ten minutes and then we leave”

Me: “Nadia, the reason we have them is to open our books and go…’we know these words, and these words, we don’t need to know these words for the exam so we’ll study them this summer, and these six words we need to flash card and memorize and we can do that at home infrony of southpark…’ then we remind ourselves that we know the material so why the heck are we here going crazy KNOWING full well that if we over study we’ll screw ourselves; so we go home and then later study like mad the night before the exam without concern for weight gain caused by Denny’s or mental hygiene, come into class with the jitters laughing (which only serves to further confuse Prof. R), take the exam and get B+’s or in Aaron’s case an A…but that’s because he’s Aaron and actually has time and stuff…”

Aaron: “Actually, I don’t study a lot”

Me: “Aaron…you’re not helping your case here…”