Well it certainly has been a long time since a real update

Subject: Well it certainly has been a long time since a real update

Date: Friday 4/21/06 10:49:00 AM

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Life right now is going really, really good; my apartment (after months) is finally fully setup; the bedroom looks gorgeous (wall hangings, antique furniture, lamps and all) my desk is finally the way I want it, my kitchen is wonderfully stocked both with food and appliances and life is grand…of course the only downside is that I’ll only be enjoying the apartment for two more years after this hard work but such is life.

Right now the only thing that’s an issue is figuring out how to loose weight; I’ve done it once and I’ve been keeping it off…but what’s turn into a constant theme is that I want to loose the last little bit, I try to…and it doesn’t work…which leads me to believe that I’ve now found around 120 ways to not loose weight (which, as a researcher and an academic, I view as a success)…now I need to find the way to loose weight and keep it off effectively.


School is going great; though I did make a mistake or two this year. I normally need some kind of regular feedback to feel good about what I’m doing academically and taking two independent studies where you get one grade at the end of the semester and one (of my two language courses) where there are only two exams really added a lot of stress this semester so I’ll have to keep that in mind for the future.

Learning the IPA with Dr. Jaeger was incredibly fun and I can’t wait to keep going with it; TAing Cyberporn & Society with Dr. Halavais was also an experience and one that I’m not soon to forget (it’s the reason I made TIME Magazine). Arabic with Prof. R is always amazing and I’m glad that Aaron (our Ninjew), Nadiah and Kevin will be taking the next level with me in the fall…and since most of us are here in the summer we can get a head start on studying. Hebrew was difficult this semester and I can pretty much pin-point the factors as to why which means that I’ll need to make adjustments when I take the next higher level in the fall (The class looks like it is going to be Heather, Two Other Students, Myself and the Professor…a small, small class indeed).

I believe I’ll be getting an A for each of my Independent Studies, a B+ for Arabic and a B- For Hebrew, but that’s speculation until Mid-Summer when the grades come out.

Just some thoughts

At first I was rather dismayed at the idea of staying at UB for another two years; but the other day (sponsored by a committee I sit on) I had the opportunity to give out 500 “Gay? Fine by me.” T-Shirts in our School Colors…of course the depressing thing about this was that we had a survey asking people how they identified themselves (straight, gay, bi, trans, male, female, other, etc) and pretty much every guy I found attractive…was straight; however it did allow me some time to think and reflect.

I’ve been at UB for four years now. In that time I’ve achieved multiple certifications, I’ve lost over 150lbs and kept it off, I have been in the Washington Post, Buffalo News, ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX local Affiliates and recently Time Magazine…I lost my virginity, I’ve dated, I’ve loved and been loved…and it’s been quite a ride (har har har, no pun intended =P) but if anything these next two years will let me just perfect everything. I’ll be able to correct the last few things I view as problems with how I do things; I’ll be able to finally figure out what “eating healthy” really means (not easy for someone who was on Ritalin, then on Risperidone, then on nothing); by 2008 (the year I’m graduating) my debt will be fully paid off to all of my creditors through In Charge debt solutions

So these two years before I move out of the country and create a new start really are there for a reason…to sort of sand down, and refine everything. And I look forward to that. Anyways, second to last IPA Session with Dr. Jaeger in a few hours; then I’m going home to clean up a little and get ready to study this weekend. Arabic & Hebrew Final Exams in 6 Days!