Subject: Wow…

Date: Friday 3/10/06 12:25:00 PM

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What a week! I have to say this week (screw that, this month) has been very stressful, but I’m leaving for Salem, MA in short order and relaxing…any and all problems can be dealt with when I return.

I’m about 99.99999% sure that I ACED my Arabic Mid Term, as far as school is going…well, it’s going. I really need to pull my act together with regards to statistics, if for some reason I fail it this semester I’ll move over to the Linguistics Department and be done with it, becuase I refuse to take this god forsaken course again (honestly…it’s evil, the bane of my existence…and it needs to die). I do languages, I don’t do math (and if you say ‘well math is a language’ well…screw you and the horse you rode in on it’s not a language I understand or plan on understanding anytime soon).

The IPA Independent Study is going really well (or, at least I think so…I’m sure Dr. Jaeger does too or she would have said something like “Matt you incompetent retard…how the hell did you get to Sweden!?). Dr. Jaeger (aka my Buffalo Mom and maleficentseyes IRL Mom) is a fantastic teacher…I don’t forsee any problem passing this class, it’s fun and I really enjoy it. We’ve completed English and she says we’ll be moving on to other languages now (yay!)…I’m no where near perfect at it yet, but I’ll get there. Hebrew is coming along, I missed the last class due to a migraine…somehow, I think I’ll still be able to pull an A- or B+ in the course and to give you a clue of how I’m doing in Arabic, two quotes from Prof. R:

Prof. R: “Matthew…I don’t mean to embarass you…but, people don’t laugh enough…and you make us laugh…which is good…sometimes you make us cry…but for the most part, you make us laugh…and I’m glad you are in my class…you should stick with it”

(This is Yesterday as he was giving us the instructions for our mid term):

Prof R: I want you to write the sentence in Arabic and then translate what you wrote into English (he looks at me) NOT HEBREW

Me: (In Hebrew) “Sorry Professor”

…so I think I’m getting a B+ or an A-

Anyways…Spring Break is upon us…and now, it is time for me to remember how to breathe.

Peace All.

~ me