Normally an 80% is a slap in the face…

Subject: Normally an 80% is a slap in the face…

Date: Friday 2/10/06 8:15:00 AM

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So as I was leaving Hebrew class yesterday I asked the Prof. if she graded the exam (more specifically if she got around to grading MY exam) and she said she did…and she goes “I just don’t understand…all of the hard parts…you did perfectly on, the vocabulary, the essay, conjugation…but the easy part, the math…the math you failed” – well screw you too I have a hard enough time with math in English let alone another language and might I add that I only learned the rest of the numbers from you this past Thursday (e.g. yesterday) before class which didn’t really help me on Tuesdays exam now did it?

So I’ll take the 80% on this one, accept the B and walk away giving myself a gold star =P Oh…the native Hebrew speaker didn’t take the exam last Tuesday beacuse he overslept because he was studying all night…because he was afraid he was going to fail because he can’t spell…though I have to say the funniest part of Thursday was hearing the Prof. explain to us how to say “SOOOO BIG”…dirty…DIRTY…ahem.

In other news, in short order I will be on an airplane, heading down to NYC and refreshing my brain and relaxing this weekend with Steve (stevivor) which is going to be fun and de-stressing (not to mention really, really needed). So I’m going to make myself some Pizza Bagels figure out how I’m going to handle my PSC408 Calendar and then get ready for LING499/IPA at 2:00pm and then Eli is driving me to the Airport and parking my car for me on Campus so I don’t have to worry about it while I’m gone and I still need to repack my bag…so I’m off! Expect a photo post/phone post soon =D


~ me