Drug & Disease Free Since 1984-09-02

Subject: Drug & Disease Free Since 1984-09-02

Date: Wednesday 2/8/06 11:17:00 AM

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Drug & Disease Free Since 1984-09-02

I went to get HIV Rapid tested today (provided free via Aids Community Services who were brought in today to our schools Student Union) and as I was talking with the lady who was performing the testing we talked a lot about her job and where she’s from (originally Atlanta, GA) and it was a very interesting conversation (one I think I’ll write into Stonewall Nights); when we were done she was like “well I hope you’re setting the bar for the room today.”:


If you haven’t been tested then you don’t know your status. Doesn’t matter if you’re lesbian, gay, bi, trans, straight, toaster, intersexed, queer, other/whatever or the person you had sex with said that you’re their first or that they’re negative so it’s okay to shag without a condom – go out and get tested. In most places it’s free and it’s one of the most important tests you’re going to take in your lifetime.

Another Equally Important Exam…

So I had my Hebrew Exam yesterday…it was VERY hard but I don’t think I did poorly on it (I didn’t walk away with that “oh shit I’m fucked feeling” – the only major problems I had on it were the math questions in Hebrew (math and I don’t agree with each other) and I think the essay I wrote about living in a small town was pretty good…but we’ll see tomorrow…providing she’s graded everything.

Okay…time to get some things together and I’ll give y’all a real post later…I have speed dating tonight which is going to be fun…because I’m the only gay guy signed up…bwhahahahahahahaha…ahem.

~ me