So tonight I was making out with this guy…

Subject: So tonight I was making out with this guy…

Date: Friday 12/30/05 12:02:00 AM

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So tonight I was making out with this guy, he was tall…thin, nice six pack black hair, sort of emo-ish, and we’re getting hot and heavy and pretty soon his shirt was off and we were making out on the couch, his sister was over too but she was absorbed in a television show, so we’re inspecting each others tonsils

LJ-Cut: Not Appropriate For Minors

and he’s straddling me and he leans in and goes “hey, do you wanna have sex later tonight? and I was all like “okay” so we keep making out and stuff when he decided he needed a drink, so he goes up stairs and his sister comes up to me and goes “You know we’re Zombies Right?” And I was like “EXCUSE ME!?” and she’s like “Yeah, you’ve been making out with the undead” and I was like “GOD DAMMIT! NOT AGAIN!” so boom flash we’re outside, I’m throwing Mojo around like it’s water Zombies are attacking Shea’s words of “Always Have a Zombie Escape Plan” are haunting me and I can’t remember one of the more effective spells so I had to use a different spell which turned out to be almost as effective and I just kept going “God. Dammit. Why does this ALWAYS happen and end this way?”

…so like, then I woke up and I was like “Dammit I can’t even have a normal date in my dreams. WTF!?


So yeah, that was my day.