Back in B-Lo

Subject: Back in B-Lo

Date: Monday 11/28/05 1:39:00 AM

Music: A little less conversation – Elvis

So I arrived in Buffalo at 11:52PM (Eli really made good time driving) and after remembering that I parked my car in a different area on campus and going “I really hope my car wasn’t stolen” then being told that no one, even drunk, would ever steal a mini van i remembered where I parked it; so I get there and I enter my car and go to fill up the gas (I’ll be damned if I leave a full tank for ANYONE to siphon while I’m on vacation, and I sure as hell wasn’t leaving my car in my apartment complex’s parking lot where the kids could run a shopping cart into it) and I drive home and the entire time I’m going “I did remember to flush the toilet, vacuum, etc, etc, etc…” thousands of “I really hope I took care of that…” running through my head…

I come back, unlock my mail box, get my mail, walk up the two small flights of stairs to my apartment, open the door…and there is my beautiful apartment, smelling nice and fresh just the way I left it, with nothing wrong…Whew…I hate having to leave in a rush, but I’m glad I left everything in order even being half awake.

I have a shit load of work to do later today; I’m debating going foodshopping now though because I’m hungry not to mention how much studying I have to do before finals.

Expect a real post shortly; I’ll read everyone’s blogs later today.

Alice give me a call.